Hiring an in-house bookkeeper costs more than just an hourly wage, you're also on the hook for health insurance, equipment, office space, and you have to figure and pay taxes, maybe even contribute to a retirement fund.

Well, you can run a business, so surely you can handle a few transactions, right?  Now you're spending valuable time staring at receipts, guessing at what's a fixed asset verses an intangible asset, wondering why different accounts show different totals, and trying to keep track of who owes you money.    Meanwhile, you're missing opportunities to grow your business and to spend time with your family.

Maybe you have the world's best in-house bookkeeper worth their weight in gold.  Maybe you find your zen reviewing Accounts Payable.

Or maybe you're staring at the screen like I've just grown an extra head.

If that's the case, consider investing in a practical, time and money saving option - a virtual bookkeeper.  We're the weirdos who actually do find our happy place neck deep in account codes.