Account Reconciliation

Ensuring your books and your bank records are in sync.

Classification and Recording of Transactions

Transactions classified accurately, receipts matched with invoices and charges.  You know where the money goes.

Personal Contact

No endless looping press 1 for this and 2 for that, and no waiting weeks for someone to respond.  When you have questions, I’ll be here to answer them.

The Whole Truth

Easy to understand financial reports, giving you the true financial health of your business.

No Long-Term Contracts

I only require a 30 day written notice to end service.  You have the freedom to end services for any reason, be it dissatisfaction,  alien abduction, or dissatisfaction with an alien abduction.

Your Choice of Software

Xero or Quickbooks Online.

Easy to understand financial reports? Are you sure you can say it in English?

Too often professionals get caught up in technical jargon that works for others in their field, but sounds like the Charlie Brown teacher to others. That doesn’t work, and it doesn’t empower people to make good choices. To ensure that all the numbers make sense, a monthly Skype video chat or phone call is included to decode the fancy talk and give you the real info you’re after.

Okay, but what if I need more?

I also offer the following optional add-on services:

-Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable

-Custom financial reports

-Book Clean up

That sounds great, but how much does this cost?

It depends on your books, and on the services you need, which can be determined after a free consultation.  But here’s an example to give you something more concrete.

Let’s say each month your business:

-Averages 100 transactions

-Utilizes 2 bank accounts

-Has a standard subscription to Xero

Based on the above scenario, your monthly fees would be around $300.

You may have more transactions, more bank accounts, or fewer bank accounts and/or transactions.  Maybe you have Xero Premium, or perhaps there are additional optional services you would like to add. This will raise or lower the fees accordingly.

I don’t do blanket charges, I customize a fair price for your business.